Rolf Thornqvist is the Stud Manager at Shgair Stud Farm. His main duty of care is the welfare of our horses. Rolf makes sure we have the right quality of grooms and he ensures that they are mainly recruited from the Rajasthan province in India, a region well-known for the quality of its horsemen. Rolf also ensures that our buildings and facilities are kept in prime, well-maintained condition, another very
important aspect in the horses’ quality of life.

A large part of the success of the Shgair Stud Farm stems from the fact that we constantly breed our mares, and every year we auction and sell our horses that are not considered show material. The Stud Manager confirms the background and breeding (strain) of the mares and stallions we use for breeding and this combination is vitally important. Our impressive trophy haul pays testament to this.


Dr Mohammed Mujeeb is Shgair Stud Farm’s Resident Veterinarian. His role is to ensure and maintain the well-being of our horses. He keeps the horses in a healthy condition, especially during the times of year when the weather conditions change. He is also responsible for the condition of the other animals on the farm.

Dr Mujeeb is at his busiest during the months of November through to March, the breeding season for the horses in our region of the world. He must make sure that the mares are receptive and that little expensive semen is wasted during the artificial insemination process.

As Resident Veterinarian, he is also the grooms’ immediate supervisor and oversees the execution of our daily grooming and exercise regimes. A big part of the welfare and upkeep of show horses is their feeding schedule, and Dr Mujeeb also plays a very important part in managing this.