Welcome to Shgair Stud Farm, a leading breeder of pure bred Arabian show horses.

The farm was established by His Excellency Abdul Mohsen Abdul Malik Al Sheikh in 2000. The farm initially purchased six pure bred Arab horses from the world-renowned Blommeröd stud in Sweden, and in the same year entered one of the newly-acquired colts in the Qatar International Arabian Horse Show. The young colt, named Celt, won second place. With the encouraging result and support from Mr Al-Sheikh, the farm began to grow.

Shgair Stud Farm is now a top producer of own breeds and champion horses. It has established itself as one of the major pure bred Arabian stud farms. The farm has a solid breeding record, monitored by its resident veterinarian, Dr Mohammed Mujeeb.  Its reputable show record is maintained by professional show trainer, Mario Gallagher, and his team of proud stable grooms.

Today, Shgair Stud Farm is home to 38 horses and continues to enjoys success in horse shows across the Middle East and Europe.

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